Riobamba is the capital city of the Chimborazo Province and found in the centre of Ecuador at 2754m. This city is a great tourist spot due to the local natural and cultural surroundings. Important buildings from the Republican era found here are the Cathedral and the Museo de la Concepcion, among others. From the centre of this historical city begins the famous adventure in train to the Devil’s Nose. This wonderful journey takes you through many different villages and passed varying landscapes. This unforgettable trip not only takes you passed these stunning landscpaes but also through the historical times of Ecuador.

Amongst the most important natural attractions in this area you have the Volcano Chimborazo (the highest peak in Ecuador at 6310m), Sangay National Park, the Atillo lakes and Ozogoche Lakes. These natural spots are unique and majestic, come and discover them with us.

On Thursday mornings you can visit the indigenous market at Guamote, known as the most native market in Ecuador. With the traditionally dressed Quichua people found here, we enter into a wonderful, far away world where animals and exchange systems are part of everyday life. There is no other market like it.